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If you are looking for a website to download PS4 PKG Roms then you have come to the right place, on our website we have a wide variety of playstation 4 games in PKG format which you can download from external servers such as MEGA, Mediafire, Google Drive and others.
Download ps4 pkg roms is very easy:

  1. Visit our home page
  2. Check the catalog of games that we have available for you.
  3. Select the game(s) you like the most.
  4. Click on the title or on the cover of the game and once you enter you will see the data such as the developer, the file and the servers available for download.
  5. Finally you just have to click on the download link, wait 5 seconds of advertising and start downloading your pkg file which is necessary to finally transfer to your PlayStation 4 console to play totally free.

We have games of different genres and the most popular of the moment, so don’t forget to invite your friends to ps4pkgdd.com so they can also download games in PKG format and play together in multiplayer online mode.

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This way if you lose have the name or the link to our website you will be able to find it without any problem.

What is a PKG game?

A PKG or package in ps4, is nothing more than a “package” file, that is to say a container of files, to understand it better in a simplified way it would be like a “zip” or “rar” in pc.
Unfortunately there are several types of PKG packages which all contain the same structure and share the same extension (PKG) but are internally different.
Initially there were only 2 types but since mr geohot decided to get his hands on them (or unfortunately) there are 3.
They are all the PKG well made/signed, mainly, all the official PKG of Sony itself as Updates, demos etc…
This type of PKG are the only ones that install the PS3 Retail “natively”.

This type of PKG are the ones used by the DEBUG/REFTOOL consoles, apart from the RETAIL PKG.
Thanks to Jailbreak and other clones it is possible to install PKG DEBUGS in RETAIL consoles from the “Install Packages” option, the reason is that the dongles enable the possibility of executing unsigned code as well as installing unsigned packages.
I want to make this last point clear because even if you have the “Install Packages” option available in the menu through some CFW, if your console does not run unsigned code you will not be able to install PKG DEBUG (unsigned).
As I said initially there were 2 types, Retail and Debug, until Mr. Geohot tried to convert the pkg debug into retail through the published keys.
Obviously he has not succeeded and what he has done is to transform the PKG DEBUG in a kind of PKG “rare” which we will call “GEOHOT” as its creator.
Why are they rare? very simple because they are not PKG RETAIL, if they were PKG RETAIL they could be installed in any PS4 and it is not like that, neither are they DEBUG because these PKG are not valid for DEBUG console or consoles with Jailbreak (or any other USB Dongle), they are simply PKG that are recognized only and exclusively by their CFW What coincidence?